Worship and College Leader Job Description

Worship Leader Job Description

Part-Time Position

Thank you for your interest in this position. Please read the description below and send your resumes to luke.henry@staging.cornerstonesavoy.org.

Primary Functions

Responsible to develop and lead a worship ministry capable of providing an engaging worship service that encourages the church body to enter into corporate and personal worship to glorify God.
Responsible for creating and implementing a strategy for evangelizing, discipling, equipping, and sending college students.

General Qualifications

Clear testimony of faith in Jesus Christ and a vital, growing personal relationship with Him.
Possess a vibrant, growing, personal, committed relationship with Christ through ongoing Spiritual Disciplines of Bible reading, prayer, and personal worship
Committed to the mission and vision of Cornerstone Church and its doctrinal statementHeart for the spiritual formation of the congregation, worship team members, and college students.
Perform general duties as assigned by the Lead Pastor
Skilled in vocal and instrumental direction, as well as, use of technology, sound, and lighting in worship
Ability to incorporate other forms of worship as needed
Ensure all musical and technical aspects of the worship service(s) advance the vision including song selection, media preparation and presentation


Team player with a positive attitude
Relational and interpersonal skills with an enthusiastic presence in leading church worship
Build relationships with church attendees
Build relationships with area music leaders, local musicians, etc. for evangelistic and staffing purposes.


Skilled in organization and administration with the ability to plan the corporate worship service in consultation with the Lead Pastor
Assist in development and administration of the worship ministry budget
Set and evaluate annual goals for the worship ministry that are in line with the vision of the church
Oversee the recruiting and development of worship team members
Organize and implement discipleship strategy to develop student leaders within the church


Self-motivated with pastoral leadership skills
Prepare worship team members (technical, instrumental, and vocals) for worship to facilitate worship services effectively and efficiently including weekly rehearsals
Leads the congregation toward authentic worship
Lead evangelistic efforts on the University of Illinois campus to recruit, train, and multiple collegiate leaders