[box]We’re glad you clicked in! The cornerstone marks the starting place for a building. It must be secure and perfect, to align the rest of the building. At Cornerstone Baptist Church, we believe there is one Cornerstone that guarantees a sure foundation for building a life that is purposeful, satisfying, and enduring. We encourage you to check out our Cornerstone!

Cornerstone Baptist Church is a small congregation, with a desire to grow by serving Jesus Christ in our community and world. We strive to learn and live the Bible’s teachings. We are autonomous, self-goverened, and voluntarily cooperating with the Southern Baptist Convention and the East Central Illinois Baptist Association of churches.


702 E Church (corner of Old Church Road and First Street), Savoy.[/box]

702 #1  [box]Our location, viewed from the corner of Old Church and First, in Savoy, looking to the northwest.

Our current site is just 1/2 mile north of the 17.5 acres we purchased for our future new campus. God works things out nicely!

Our Cornerstone

We believe that the Bible is the Word of God – that it is truth revealed by God so that we may know Him and live in harmony with Him. The key to building that life, as with any lasting building, is a solid foundation. In the Gospel of Matthew, Jesus told of two men who build houses– one resting on solid bedrock, the other resting on sand. He said that if we listen to His words, and obey them, we’ll be like the man who built on rock. His house experienced a storm of wind, rain, and floods, but still stood. You can imagine what happened to the other house when the storm struck! You can read about it in Matthew chapter 7, verses 24 through 27. We have found that Jesus gives us a “rock-solid” foundation for dealing with the storms and issues of life. He’s our Cornerstone!

We are working toward the day we can lay the cornerstone at our new campus location on South First Street in Savoy and invite you to join us on our journey. Check out our progress under What’s Happening.

Join Us

Let’s get acquainted – Guests always welcome!

If you are looking for a church home, or simply ready to check us out, you are welcome to contact the office at 217-356-0891, or email our Church Office Assistant at office@cornerstonesavoy.org.

There are several Bible Studies held during the week at various homes. Please call the church office to find out more information.

You may also contact Pastor Steve via his personal or church email or by mobile phone:


217-377-1865 [/box]

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