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Cornerstone holds the issue of church membership in high regard. Membership should be more than attending church meetings and giving money. Members who enter into a covenant relationship with their local church are called to a higher degree of responsibility and service; conversely, the church leaders have covenanted to assist their members first and foremost, to provide counsel, service, and aid, as well as to pray, teach and guide as necessary.

To transition from an attendee to a member of Cornerstone, we request that you attend our Membership (Discover Cornerstone) class. The class will provide you with information about church life and our doctrine. You’ll also meet our staff and leaders throughout the class, and the beginnings of community will take root in getting to know other new members in the class.

Recommended Process

Attend Q & A with the Pastor (1st Sunday of the month)
Discover Cornerstone (2nd and 3rd Sundays)
Face to Face conversation with the Pastor
Presented to the church

We offer our Membership class because it is an opportunity to encourage prospective members to get to know other potential members of the church as well as leaders in the church. Our primary purpose of a membership class is for church orientation and teaching doctrine. However, relational orientation to the churches leaders and other members should not be overlooked. The significance of connecting with others in the class can pay dividends for a long time to come.

Discover Cornerstone is a new members class for anyone interested in becoming a member of Cornerstone or simply learning more about the church. We meet on Sunday to walk through the vision and values of Cornerstone.

To register for an upcoming class or inquire about our next class, please email and title the subject line “Discover Cornerstone.”

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